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Natural History / Botany

Court Ian - Birds of Conservation Concern in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Illustrated by Tony Disley.
Softback. A very good copy. 67 pages. Black and white illustrations. Lists and illustrates each threatened bird and covers its ecology, distribution and status, current threats and conservation actions.
Published : Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority 2000, First Edition

Cowen D. V. - Flowering Trees and Shrubs in India

Hardback. 4to. A very good copy in tan cloth lettered in green. Lacks blank front end-paper. No ownership inscription and not foxed. Pp.xvi,137. 59 full-page colour plates. 39 black and white sketches.
Published : Thacker & Co., Bombay 1950, First Edition

Dahl, Eilif - The Phytogeography of Northern Europe: British Isles, Fennoscandia, and Adjacent Areas

A very good copy. Trace of a label having been removed from foot of front free end-paper. otherwise a nice clean copy internally. Pp.xii,297. 82 figures. 6 tables. This is an analysis and explanation of the distribution of individual plant taxa across north-western Europe.
Published : Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1998, First Edition

Darwin Charles (Edited By Frederick Burkhardt) - Charles Darwin the "Beagle" Letters

Illustrated by Martens Conrad.
Hardback. A fine copy in a fine dustwrapper.,470. Frontispiece. 19 colour plates. 35 black and white plates. Introduction by Janet Browne. Contains the complete texts of all the letters Darwin wroite and received while sailing round the world on HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836.
Published : Cambridge University Press 2008, First Edition

Davy, A. J; Hutchings, M.J; Watkinson A. R. (Editors) - Plant Population Ecology: The 28th Symposium of the British Ecological Society

Hardback. A fine copy in a near fine dustwrapper. Pp.viii,478. Numerous figures. "In this symposium volume, an international tem of contributors provides a wide ranging examination of the field of plant population ecology."
Published : Blackwell Scientific Publications 1988, First Edition

De Graaff Jan and Hyams Edward - Lilies

A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. 142pp. 47 colour plates. Described as "the definitive book on lilies".
Published : Nelson, London 1967, First Edition

de Lucas Manuela; Janss Guyonne F.E; Ferrer Miguel (Editors) - Birds and Wind Farms : Risk Assessment and Mitigation

. A near fine copy in a fine dustwrapper. The book itself would be fine but for a slight trace of a label having been removed from the foot of the front end-paper. 275 pages. Figures. Tables. Illustrations. A study of the effect of the wind farm industry on birds and bats together with methods of minimising the risk of adverse impacts.
Published : Quercus 2007, First Edition

Dixon H. N. And Jameson H. G. - The Student's Handbook of British Mosses

Hardback. A very good copy in dark green cloth lettered in gilt. Neat ownership inscription on front end-paper. Pp.xlix,583 + 65 plates at end. A little neat, informative, ink marginal writing.
Published : V. T. Sumfield, Eastbourne 1904,

Doorly Eleanor - The Insect Man: A Tale of How the Yew Tree Children Went to France to Hear the Story of Jean Henri Fabre in the Places Where he Lived and to See the Homes of Some of the Insects Whose Life-Story he Has Written

Illustrated by Robert Gibbings.
Hardback. A very good copy in blue cloth lettered and decorated in black. In a good plus dustwrapper which has a very small chip at the top of the rear panel. The wrapper is now protected in a clear, removable, sleeve. No ownership inscription and just a little foxing. Pp.xv,170. Frontispiece, title page vignette and wood engravings in the taxt by Robert Gibbings. Introduction by Walter De La Mare.
Published : W. Heffer & Sons, Cambridge 1936, First Edition

Dregni Michael (Editor) - Loons Song of the Wild

Oblong 4to. A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. 108pp. Over 70 colour photographs. This is an anthology of writing, photography and art from throughout the world on the subject of loons or divers.
Published : Voyageur Press 1996,

Eales N.B. - The Littoral Fauna of Great Britain a Handbook for Collectors

A good copy in light green cloth lettered in silver. Appears to have been bound without end-papers. 301pp. Frontispiece and 24 plates. Deals with the marine fauna to be found between tide-marks on the British coast.
Published : Cambridge University Press 1939, First Edition

Fairfax Denis - The Basking Shark in Scotland: Natural History, Fishery and Conservation

A fine copy in a near fine dustwrapper which is now protected in a clear, removable sleeve. Pp. xvii,206. Frontispiece and 61 illustrations. 9 maps. Includes the basking shark's history, anatomy and biology together with shark hunting and conservation.
Published : Tuckwell Press, East Linton 1998, First Edition

Feltwell John - Meadows a History and Natural History

A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. Pp.xviii,206. 30 coloured plates. 127 black and white illustrations. An exploration of the variety of meadow habitats, both natural and man-made.
Published : Alan Sutton 1992, First Edition

Ford Alice - Audubon's Animals: The Quadrupeds of North America

Hardback. 4to. A good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. No ownership inscription and little foxing. 222 pages. 156 illustrations including colour. Includes a biographical Introduction.
Published : John Lane The Bodley Head, London 1951, First Edition

Frost W.E. and Brown M.E. - The Trout

Hardback. A very good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. In a very good dustwrapper which has a very small closed tear at the foot of the spine. A clean copy without ownership inscription, foxing or other internal marking. 286 pages. 17 pages of plates. 7 maps. 26 figures. A volume in the New Naturalist series.
Published : Collins, London 1967, First Edition

Furneaux W. - British Butterflies and Moths

A very good copy in brown cloth lettered in gilt. Top edge gilt. 358pp. 12 coloured plates. 241 black and white illustrations in the text. A sturdy and quite attractive edition of this standard work.
Published : The Library Press Ltd., London 1923,

Gamble F.W. Et al - Worms Rotifers and Polyzoa

A good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. Top edge gilt. Bookplate. School library label on front end-paper but no other markings. Some foxing. Pp.xii,560. 257 figures. This is volume 2 of the Cambridge Natural History.
Published : Macmillan & Co, London 1896, First Edition

Genders Roy - The Polyanthus Its History and Culture

A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. 231pp. Frontispiece and 24 illustrations.
Published : Faber & Faber, London 1963, First Edition

Gibbons, David W.; Reid, James B.; Chapman, Robert A. - The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland, 1988-1991

Hardback. 4to. A very good plus copy in a similar dustwrapper which has one very small closed tear. A clean copy without foxing or ownership inscription. Pp.xiv,520. Numerous distribution, abundance and change maps. Illustrations. Includes a loose erratum page which corrects some incorrectly printed maps. Includes 208 full species accounts and 13 brief accounts of rare breeders.
Published : T & A D Poyser, London 1993, First Edition

Gillham Mary E. - The Natural History of Gower

A very good copy in a dustwrapper which would also be very good but for fading to the red lettering on the spine. A nice, clean copy without foxing or ownership inscription. Pp.xvi,335. 123 illustrations in colour and 88 in monochrome. The book contains alphabetical plant and butterfly lists.
Published : D. Brown & Sons, Cowbridge 1977, First Edition

Glegg William E. - A History of the Birds of Essex

Hardback. A very good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. Some fading to spine ends. In a fair dustwrapper lacking a piece approx. 4 inches by 2 inches on rear panel and with other smaller chips and tears. Top edge gilt. No ownership inscription. Pp.xxxv,342. Frontispiece and 22 plates (on 20 pages). Large folding map. Uncommon in dustwrapper.
Published : H.F.& G.Witherby, London 1929, First Edition

Glenister A.G. - The Birds of the Malay Peninsula Singapore and Penang

A good copy. Paperback. 291pp. 16 plates including colour. 54 figures in text. Map. A detailed guide to the birds of Malaya and Peninsular Thailand.
Published : Oxford University Press 1974,

Gooders John - Birds an Illustrated Survey of the Bird Families of the World

4to. A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. 352pp. More than 400 colour illustrations. This is a complete survey of the bird families of the world.
Published : Hamlyn, London 1975, First Edition

Gordon Seton - Sea-gulls in London

Hardback.Small 4to. A very good copy in red cloth which is a little faded at the head of the spine. In a just about good dustwrapper which is chipped at the spine ends and with some edge tears which have been internally repaired. A clean copy without foxing or ownership inscription. 88 pages. 69 illustrations.
Published : Cassell, London 1935,

Gordon Seton - The Land of the Hills and the Glens Wild Life in Iona and the Inner Hebrides

A good copy in green cloth. A little wear at head of spine. Some fore-edge foxing. Pp.xii,223. Many illustrations. One of the author's best-known books.
Published : Cassell, London 1920, First Edition

Gordon, Seton - Wanderings of a Naturalist

Hardback. A near very good copy in green cloth decorated on the spine and upper board and lettered in gilt on the spine. Some fading to the spine as usual but the lettering remains clear. Neat ownership inscription at head of title page. Pp.xiv,220. Numerous illustrations. Mostly covers the author's experiences as a naturalist in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
Published : Cassell, London 1921, First Edition

Gosse P.H. - Natural History. Fishes

Hardback. A fair copy in brown cloth lettered in gilt on the spine. Boards are a little marked and show some wear and tear to the spine and board tips. Label removed from front fixed end-paper. Pp.viii,327. Numerous woodcuts in text.
Published : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London 1851, First Edition

Gosse Philip Henry - Life in Its Lower, Intermediate and Higher Forms: Or, Manifestations of the Divine Wisdom in the Natural History of Animals

Hardback. A good plus copy in green cloth which is lettered and decorated in gilt. Re-backed with old spine laid down. New end-papers. Pp.viii,363. Illustrated including 6 full page plates. A study of various forms of life including sponges, worms, insects, fish, birds and mammals.
Published : James Nisbet & Co, London 1857,

Grant, P. J. - Gulls : A Guide to Indentification

Hardback. A fine copy in a near fine dustwrapper. 280 pages. 376 photographs. 54 figures including a world distribution map for each species.
Published : T & A D Poyser 1982, First Edition

Green Roy - Asiatic Primulas A Gardeners' Guide

A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper. 163pp. Photographic illus. and line drawings in text. A description of the various species.
Published : The Alpine Garden Society, Woking 1976, First Edition

Greene Dr. W.T. - Birds of the British Empire

Hardback. A good copy in decorated red cloth lettered in gilt. Fading to spine with some wear to spine ends. Bookplate and ownership inscription. Internally very good. 360 pages. 80 figures. Chapters on British birds and on the birds of India, Africa, America and Australia.
Published : The Imperial Press, London 1898, First Edition

Grenfell Diana - Hosta the Flowering Foliage Plant

Illustrated by Jenny Brasier.
A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper, the spine of which has faded from purple to blue. 208pp. 49 colour plates. Frontispiece and 27 drawings. The first fully comprehensive study of the genus hosta.
Published : B.T. Batsford, London 1990, First Edition

Grosvenor, Graeme - Iris Flower of the Rainbow

Hardback. 4to. A very good copy in a very good dustwrapper which is complete and untorn. A clean copy without ownership inscription or other internal marking. 280 pages. Numerous colour illustrations. Figures in text. The author has endeavoured to make this book the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date study of the iris.
Published : Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, Australia 2000, First Edition

Groundwater William - Birds and Mammals of Orkney

A very good copy. Good dustwrapper which is marked with cup circles on the front panel. A nice clean copy internally with no ownership inscription or other marking. 299 pages. Illustrations. Map end-papers.
Published : The Kirkwall Press, Kirkwall 1974, First Edition

Hadley G. (Editor) - A Map Flora of Mainland Inverness-shire

Softback. 4to. A very good copy. Bottom corner of front cover a little creased. 146 pages. 29pp Introduction followed by distribution maps, index etc.
Published : Botanical Society Of Edinburgh and Botanical Society of the British Isles 1985, First Edition

Harvie-Brown J. A; Buckley Thomas E. - A Vertebrate Fauna of Argyll and the Inner Hebrides

Hardback. A good copy in green cloth which is faded on the spine. Top edge gilt. Bookplate. Separate ownership inscription of "H. Raeburn 1892", very probably Harold Raeburn the famous pioneer Scottish mountaineer and keen ornithologist. Pp.lxxxiv,262 + publisher's booklist dated July 1892. 16 illustrations/maps including folding linen-backed map at end.
Published : David Douglas, Edinburgh 1892, First Edition

Hatfield Audrey Wynne - A Herb for Every Ill

A very good copy in a good dustwrapper which is slightly chipped at the top of the spine. A clean copy without foxing or ownership inscription. Pp.viii,200. 24 drawings by the author. Deals with the use of herbs for medical purposes.
Published : J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., London 1973, First Edition

Hawker, Lt-Col Peter - The Sportsman's Pocket Companion

Hardback. A near fine copy in a brown quarter leather binding (by Croft Bookbinders, London). Top edge gilt. This is no. 118 of a limited edition of 500 copies. 127 pages. Illustrations by the author. Originally published as six booklets in 1801 the book is described as "a hitherto unknown work by the most important of shooting authors."
Published : Antony Atha and the Game Conservancy 1980,

Hearn Kathleen - Pentland Hills Vegetation Survey

Softback. 4to. Nd. c.1976. A good copy. 196 pages. Maps. Figures. This is the Report of a study into the distribution of plant communities in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh.
Published : Lothian Regional Council, Edinburgh, First Edition

Heller John L. - The Early History of Binomial Nomenclature

Softback. A very good copy. Gift inscription on front cover from "John", presumably the author. This is an off-print from "Huntia" , Vol. I,pp.33-70. 12 figures.
Published : The Hunt Botanical Library, Pittsburgh 1964,

Henderson M. R. And Addison G. H. - Malayan Orchid Hybrids

Hardback. A very good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. In a near very good dustwrapper which shows some fading to the spine lettering (although it remains easily readable) and with a couple of small chips. A nice clean copy without foxing or ownership inscription. 191 pages. Colour frontispiece and numerous black and white illustrations throughout.
Published : Government Publications Bureau, Singapore 1956, First Edition

Herklots G.A.C. - The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago

A very good copy in a good dustwrapper with some edge tears. Bookplate. 287pp. 16 colour plates. 4 black and white plates. 14 text figures. A complete guide to over 400 species.
Published : Collins, London 1969,

Hiley W. E. - The Economics of Forestry

Hardback. A good plus copy in dark green cloth lettered in gilt. Rear board a little marked. Pp.xiii,[1],256. 58 tables. 18 figures.
Published : Oxford University Press 1930, First Edition

Hill Arthur W. - The History and Function of Botanic Gardens

A good plus copy in the original paper covers which are torn at top of spine. Inscribed "With the author's kind regards" at top of front cover. Pp.185-240, this being an offprint from the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, issue 2 for February-April 1915. Twelve plates. The author was Assistant Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Published : Missouri Botanical Garden 1915,

Hodgson William - Flora of Cumberland

A good copy in green cloth lettered in gilt on the spine. No ownership inscription. A little pencilled side-lining. Pp.xxxvi,398. Foilding county map (a little torn). Sketch map of the geology of Cumberland and Westmorland.
Published : W. Meals and Comany, Carlisle 1898, First Edition

Hodgson William - Flora of Cumberland

A very good, bright, copy in green cloth lettered in gilt. Still has about 90% of the original glassine type dustwrapper (which is now itself protected). Top edge gilt. Some fairly light fore-edge foxing but a nice clean copy internally. Pp.xxxvi,397. Folding map.
Published : W. Meals and Comany, Carlisle 1898, First Edition

Holden Alexander Edward - Plant Life in the Scottish Highlands

A very good copy in a good dustwrapper which is a little torn and scraped on the front panel. Ownership inscription. Pp.xv,319. 64 photographic plates by Robert M. Adam. An excellent companion for walkers in the Highlands.
Published : Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh 1952, First Edition

Holme Charles (Editor) - The Gardens of England in the Southern & Western Counties

Hardback. 4to. A good plus copy in the original green cloth which is a little worn at the spine ends. Gift inscription on front fixed end-paper. Not foxed. Pp.xxxvii + 136 full-page plates of which 8 are in colour. Preliminary articles on "The History of Garden-Making", "The Principles of Garden-Making", and "Notes on the Illustrations."
Published : The Studio, London 1907, First Edition

Hopes, Rex F. - The Garden

Original printed wraps. Covers slightly soiled but a very good copy. No ownership inscription and not foxed. 24 pages. Four full-page colour illustrations + colour illustration to front cover. 16 poems on flowers and gardens. Uncommon.
Published : Published By the Author, Bristol 1934, First Edition